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Ria's specializes in catering and mobile cuisine showcasing biryani and other North Indian eats. Serving the Denver area since 2017!
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Ria’s Indian Eats began with a desire to introduce Denver to a new kind of Indian culinary experience — one that highlights traditional Indian flavors in a way that’s approachable to a wide range of tastes. I think Indian food is for everybody — from people who grew up on it, to people who’ve never gotten around to trying it, and everyone in between. I use only the freshest ingredients to create clean, casual Indian fare that elevates one of the oldest, most exciting cuisines in the world. Give it a try, and I promise that you’ll love it as much as my daughter Ria does!

Sameer Bawa
Owner & Chef


Ria’s specializes in modern, casual Indian cuisine. Our specialty is biryani: a flavorful meat and rice dish that highlights traditional Indian spices and flavors. (Don’t worry vegetarians and vegans, we’ve got you covered.) Beyond biryani, we also offer all of your favorite Indian dishes too. Contact us to cater your next event!


Served with a yogurt sauce


Chicken Biryani (GF)
Chicken in a curry sauce cooked with rice and spices


Lamb Biryani (GF)
Lamb in a curry sauce cooked with rice and spices


Paneer Biryani (GF) (VG)
Cheese cubes in a curry sauce cooked with rice and spices


Channa Biryani (GF) (V)
Chickpeas in a curry sauce cooked with rice and spices

Meat Classics

Served with basmati rice


Butter Chicken (GF)
Tandoori-spiced chicken cooked in a tomato cream sauce


Lamb Curry (GF)
Lamb cooked in a curry sauce


Shrimp Curry (GF)
Shrimp cooked in a curry sauce


Vegetarian Classics

Served with basmati rice


Saag Paneer (GF) (VG)
Cheese cubes in spiced creamed spinach


Matar Paneer (GF) (VG)
Cheese cubes and peas in a curry sauce


Malai Kofta (GF) (VG)
Potato and cheese dumplings in a curry sauce


Vegan Classics

Served with basmati rice


Aloo Ghobi (GF) (V)
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with spices


Channa Masala (GF) (V)
Chickpeas cooked in a traditional curry sauce


Baingan Bharta (GF) (V)
Roasted eggplant puree cooked with tomatoes and spices



Samosas (V)
Savory pastries stuffed with potatoes, peas, and spices


Naan (VG)
Traditional Indian bread

GF = Gluten free
VG = Vegetarian
V = Vegan


Please contact us in any way that works best for you. Someone from Ria’s will get back to you within 48 hours.


Phone: 303.960.3999


Email: sameer@riasindian.com


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